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Balance and optimize system productivity and energy-efficiency of industrial machines using model based system engineering

To develop and engineer complex industrial machines, whether they are used for packaging, bottle filling, metal forming or textile machinery, requires you to find the right balance between various attributes:

• Productivity: maximizing output while reducing the cost of production
• Accuracy: limiting the reject rate
• Reliability: maximizing in-service time
• Efficiency: reducing the cost of energy and comply with local environmental regulations.

Machine performance is based on a variety of physical phenomena combined with integrated control systems, and finding the right balance for machine performance requires optimization of the complete mechatronic system. Simcenter can help you to virtually design and simulate new machine architectures early in the development process so that you get a complete understanding of how your system performs. With LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim, part of the Simcenter portfolio, you can then balance and tune your machine to achieve optimal targets for productivity, accuracy, reliability and efficiency.

Attend the webinar on system optimization and learn how model-based system engineering will help you to:

• Improve machine productivity by performing multi-domain systems sizing
• Ensure accuracy, quality and reliability over a cycle duration through simulation of transient behavior
• Reduce commissioning time by validating and calibrating PLC programs using a model of the machine
• Improve energy efficiency by finding the sources of energy loss and high consumption.

Industrial machinery system optimization

Bottle filling machine system optimization

LMS Amesim simulation of press brake to optimize the energy consumption

LMS Amesim modeling of press brake for system optimization

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