On-Demand Webinar Series: Quality Management in Manufacturing

Quality Management in Manufacturing - Managing the Impact of Embedded Technology in the New Product Development Process

Automotive & Vehicle Suppliers as well as Heavy Equipment & Industrial Machinery manufacturers face a number of key challenges when it comes to quality management in manufacturing to meet the ever increasing quality demands of their customers. Current quality systems architecture is plagued by major sources of inefficiency, including disparate and disconnected data sources, the inability to measure quality metrics effectively and a lack of standard processes which can be used across a manufacturing enterprise.

In this webinar around quality management in manufacturing we will address some of these challenges.

Webinar contents
The vast majority of companies are introducing new products into a voracious market using tools and paradigms that predate the digital age by decades. Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Failure Effects Modes Analysis (FMEA) are more important than ever for quality management in manufacturing but can fall short in assuring quality and effectively identifying and mitigating risk associated with new product introduction.

This webinar focuses on taking a broader look at how these traditional tools can be leveraged to address software and other embedded smart technologies.

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