On-Demand Webinar Series: Quality Management in Manufacturing

Quality Management in Manufacturing - Recall and Warranty Challenges in Heavily Regulated Industries

Automotive & Vehicle Suppliers as well as Heavy Equipment & Industrial Machinery manufacturers face a number of key challenges to meet the ever increasing quality demands of their customers. Current quality systems architecture is plagued by major sources of inefficiency, including disparate and disconnected data sources, the inability to measure quality metrics effectively and a lack of standard processes which can be used across a manufacturing enterprise.

In this webinar around quality management in manufacturing we will address some of these challenges.

Webinar contents
This webinar will focus on tools and approaches that will provide assurance that recall activities and failure analysis assessment and decision making can be both accurate and agile. We will discuss how important traceability and genealogy are in a potential recall situation. The focus will be on tools that can reduce the time and effort involved in forensic recall activities. Time and evidence are crucial in these situations. Topics include:

  • The difference between simple traceability and true product genealogy.
  • The importance of interconnecting warranty and customer complaints to Corrective Actions and Nonconforming Material investigations.
  • Reacting to real time product genealogy evidence demands during customer and regulatory audits.

Siemens is the only company providing solutions that can meet the mission critical requirements for traceability and product genealogy in highly regulated industries with decades of experience meeting customer needs. Please use the registration form on the right to attend our on-demand webinar on quality management in manufacturing.

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