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The IoT Show Webcast Series: Episode 3, Smarter (Buildings and Cities)

May 10 | 12:30 PM BST

The IoT Show delivers valuable insights for industrial organizations on the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and topics touching the broader internet of things (IoT). It covers engaging, hot topics, and ask its guest speakers for advice on situations, opportunities, recommendations, and gotchas. This series is not a sales medium, rather a series of discussions for you to benefit from through the experiences and insights of others.

In this third episode of The IoT Show, the topics of Smarter and Connected Buildings and Cities, and what IoT means in the areas of Architectural, Engineering and Construction industries and to Owners/Operators are discussed. The focus too is on Cities and Public infrastructures and services.

Siemens MindSphere is a sponsor and supporter of The IoT Show. The Key Takeaways are lessons learned as discussed on The IoT Show.

The IoT Show Webcast Series

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