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Accelerate design decisions on hybrid/electric vehicle architectures with predictive simulation

How does one push simulation use to the next level all along the design process to fulfill market expectations for electrification and hybridization? What impact does it have on vehicle engineering and time to market? 

The race for electrification in the automotive industry has begun, and is starting to have a strong impact on the engineering process. Designing such vehicles remains very complex, and new methodologies and tools are being deployed to go-to-market faster. Simulation makes no exception, and is being pushed to its boundaries. 

In this webinar, Fred Ross and Thomas Desbarats, automotive industry experts at Siemens PLM Software, will introduce the major automotive industry trends, the digital twin approach, and detail how Simcenter allows one to make a disruptive move on simulation processes. By enabling the creation and deployment of a comprehensive predictive simulation platform, Simcenter helps engineering departments to save time in performance evaluation of any new electric, hybrid or conventional vehicle, from architecture design to test phase, and thus speed up the decision-making process. Expanding the use of simulation to non-expert users will accelerate even more analysis of any vehicle architecture with regards to energy efficiency, performance, drivability and thermal management, guarantee competitive time-to-market and fit with market performance expectations.

Attend our webinar
Attend our webinar on predictive simulation for hybrid and electric vehicles engineering.

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