Beyond Industry 4.0 – How to Make Closed Loop Manufacturing in Reality

This is the only industry event in the Nordic that will showcase how Closed Loop Manufacturing works live.  

What do we mean by Closed Loop Manufacturing? Closed Loop Manufacturing defines an integrated business process for ERP, PLM & MOM applications, also known as the “Golden Triangle”. By removing manual barriers and creating a collaborative and connected information loop. Closed Loop Manufacturing enables continuous improvement of cost, time, and quality of the manufacturing process to accelerate product delivery.

Get inspired by forefront clients for both Discrete and Process Industry sharing their experiences of digitalization. You will meet your peer’s cross industries and learn how to enable Closed Loop Manufacturing independent of your starting point. 

The openness of Siemens platform will support, capture and extend the value of your existing investments for the future, like no other provider is able to do. 

We will show you HOW to make it happen!


Speaker preview

Jan Mrosik

How the Digital Enterprise provides a unique competitive advantage to customers. We are seeing a growing need for the greatest flexibility as a result of increasing customization, a faster time to market, and higher productivity needs. With this unique end-to-end offering, we support our customers' activities along the entire industrial value chain, from product design through production engineering, operation, and services. 

Jan Mrosik, COO Siemens Digital Industries 


Alrik Danielson

World class manufacturing
SKF is making significant investments in world-class manufacturing: automated, connected factories for ball and roller bearings. With projects implemented in Europe, Asia, and North America, SKF plans to continue to make investments in its factories. Connected supply chains, integrated planning, and proximity to the customer are crucial to SKF’s success in this regard.

Alrik Danielson, the President and CEO of SKF


Peter Carlsson

Digital first – building a factory for the future 
How Northvolt is aiming to set a new standard in circular manufacturing and build a blueprint for green battery manufacturing to support the European transition to electrification. Peter Carlsson left the position as CPO and Head of Supply Chain at Tesla Motors in the end of 2015 to become an entrepreneur, advisor and angel investor. In 2016 Peter founded Northvolt with the mission to build Europe’s largest lithium-ion battery factory. Before joining Tesla, Peter was the CPO for NXP (former Philips Semiconductors) responsible for purchasing and outsourcing. Located in Singapore, he was country manager for Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. Before starting at NXP, Peter was CPO at Sony Ericsson since 2005. Peter had a total of 13 years experience from different roles with Ericsson and Sony Ericsson. He has a Masters degree with specialization in production and quality control at Luleå Technical University in Sweden. 

Peter Carlsson, Founder and CEO of Northvolt


Clas Tengström

When production moves to the clouds - not just for the big companies.
I will present how we as the "small" company with the help of digitization and MindSphere made data from various sources such as production, ERP, tool data, etc. transparent for the entire business. With the right data, the right decisions are now being made, which has led to increased efficiency and increased throughput without further investment in new asset. "This is just the beginning and the opportunities are huge. Our overall production efficiency increases every week.”  Bror Tonsjö was nominated the Manufacturer of the year 2019, thanks to their advanced digitalization strategy.

Clas Tengström, Managing Director of Bror Tonsjö


Zvi Feuer

“As most products today are becoming smarter, our customers need to develop manufacturing processes for multiple manufacturing and assembly technologies: Mechanical (CNC and AM), Electrical (wire Harness), Composites, PCB, Box build, final system integration and testing.”
I will share how the Digital Twin of the manufacturing process, specifically, how simulating the process using a digital twin and analyzing causes via the digital thread, can create an efficient production method for companies. The Digital Twin of the production system can provide all the tools needed to describe the line in a digital model, store it for future re-use, simulate it, and collect sensor related information via MindSphere.

Zvi Feuer, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing engineering software solution


Maria Walther

How End to End Quality is Driving Business Forward. Strategic quality management professionals envision a holistic solution across the entire product life cycle and supply chain that can support compliance, detect risks and failures, mitigate risk and, ultimately, improve overall product quality. Siemens Digital Industries Software turns the vision into reality with QMS Professional, a closed-loop quality management solution that drives continuous improvement across the entire organization.

Join this session to learn how components manufacturer manage to streamline global quality assurance work in pursuit of zero-defects initiative across their different production sites in Europe, Asia, and America.

Maria Walther, Sales and Portfolio Management for QMS in EMEA


Sagi Reuven

How we Transform a Buzz-word into Manufacturing Excellence in Electronics. In this session, I will review the challenges in electronics manufacturing and how to improve in a rapidly changing environment. As a former CEO of startup companies, I realized that introducing a new technology can be misleading; users are convinced with the trend, but still are change averse. Disruption is not easy, but being a part of Siemens, allows us to lead the way and show our customers how to innovate – making them our innovation partners and not only customers. By asking the right questions and utilizing advanced analytics, we can develop closed-loop manufacturing applications and let our customers focus on manufacturing excellence. For us, Industry 4.0 is driven by excellence. Would you like to sit behind the wheel?

Sagi Reuven, Business Development, MOM-Valor


Frank Bleisteiner

Embracing change – How to bring CLM into your organization

Frank Bleisteiner, Senior Director, Production Engineering, Siemens Digital Industries Software


Frederik Verwimp

Keeping track of a fast-changing industry like food & beverage where key trends like trust selling, health-conscious consumers, and sustainability as corporate identity are changing the game becomes harder every day. Closed loop manufacturing is the ultimate answer to these trends in the industry as it brings the required flexibility and efficiency into your organization, which allows responding to all tendencies in the market. Siemens delivers all elements from sensors to software to achieve closed loop manufacturing through the digital enterprise.

In this session, you will learn about integrated manufacturing operations and how it enables you to achieve closed loop manufacturing to increase the flexibility, efficiency, and time to market of your business. We will discuss all components of integrated manufacturing operations, and you will learn how they can serve as a starting point in your journey towards closed loop manufacturing.

Frederik Verwimp, Industry Manager CPG/Process, Siemens Digital Industries Software


Event details

Date & Time: January 28-29, 2020, 14:00

Location: Quality Hotel Friends, Råsta Strandväg 1, 169 56 Solna, Sweden

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 14:00 – 22:00 Warm-up & Welcome, Exhibition tour, partner presentations, and dinner. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 8:30 – 17:00 Full-day Agenda - Keynotes, client journeys from Nordic company leaders and business owners, breakout sessions and Executive panel discussions. Lunch and breaks with compliments. 

Registration is complimentary, however seating is limited. Early application is encouraged to reserve your spot!

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