20 April 2004

UGS PLM Solutions' 3D Modeling Technology Helps Keep Heathrow Terminal 5 Development On Schedule

CAMBERLEY, UK -- UGS PLM Solutions' NX portfolio's innovative 3D modelling and collaboration technology is helping Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 development team to maintain project schedule and budget to date. Terminal 5 is an additional passenger terminal which will supplement the existing four terminals at London's Heathrow airport, allowing the airport to grow in the future. The new terminal will have the capacity to accommodate around 30 million passengers per year, enabling Heathrow to maintain its position as Europe's leading international hub airport and provide much needed state-of-the-art facilities to help meet the future demand.

NX portfolio software enables experts from design, construction and building material suppliers to co-ordinate planning and proof testing virtual construction sequences. Experts from construction group Laing O'Rourke, design partner Connell Mott MacDonald and Strategic Project Solutions (SPS) supported by BAA are using the 3D prototyping software, called I-deas® NX Series, to revolutionize the design and construction of Terminal 5 which is due for completion in 2007. This technology is more commonly used in automotive and manufacturing sectors for product design and production.

The Terminal 5 development is expected to require over 1500 structural drawings, use more than 1 million cubic meters of concrete and 150 thousand tonnes of steel reinforcement. The sheer size and complexity of the project requires significant planning, co-ordination and logistics to ensure operations run seamlessly to avoid lengthy delays and unnecessary development costs. The use of I-deas software allows cross-functional teams from the various building disciplines to create and review intricate virtual simulations of individual construction processes, dramatically reducing errors and construction delays and improving overall efficiency. The design review teams, which can include design engineers, reinforcement detailers, building engineers, construction managers and manufacturers, use the technology to identify potential solutions for everything from how different elements of concrete and steel reinforcement will fit together, planning the detailed site movements of cranes and other site machinery, right through to just-in-time scheduling for the delivery of building materials.

"The design review process using I-deas NX Series within the Terminal 5 development has led to almost 80% of technical queries being raised and answered within the 3D prototype," said Alex Kunz from SPS, a partner of Laing O'Rourke which provides systems for delivery and management of large scale capital assets. "This has produced significant onsite gains in progress, productivity and reliability. The review process also enables experts to identify and a void any on-site health and safety risks to staff by closely planning the movement of heavy site machinery and materials."

Given the complexity of the Terminal 5 development, the experts in charge at Laing O'Rourke were keen to find innovative ways of streamlining the design an d construction process to ensure timely delivery. I-deas software, has been designed to deal with complex projects, has comprehensive features and functionality and is easy to use with streamlined, detailed reporting facilities.

"It is hugely exciting that I-deas NX Series is now being used outside of its traditional roots in automotive and manufacturing sectors and the fact that it is producing benefits for a construction project of such scale and complexity as Terminal 5 is real proof of its potential," said John Hurley, vice president of UGS PLM Solutions. "The construction industry has historically worked in 2D and UGS PLM Solutions is keen to pioneer the benefits of 3D in the sector," continued Hurley. "These benefits are very clear -- it's easier to view and analyze how the final product will appear and it's easier to spot and to dramatically reduce the number of errors. While it's possible to automatically produce 2D drawings for use on the construction site using I-deas, it's also easier to generate models. The software also has a mature data management solution which allows it to re-use historical CAD data or generate reports such as bill of material (BOM) documents."

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