Nordic Polarion Days 2020 – How to connect people and content efficiently

市场活动 | 12 二月 2020 09:00 AM - 18:00 PM / 2 days
Convendum, Regeringsgatan 30, Stockholm, Sweden

This is the best possible event in the Nordics showing concrete examples of how companies are using Polarion to speed up their product, system, and software development. Taipuva Consulting, a Polarion Smart Expert Partner, hosts the conference for the 8th time and this is the first Polarion event in Stockholm!

Get inspired by leading companies – about their ways of conducting various processes and managing information – and Polarion, which provides new and unparalleled possibilities.

Siemens Polarion is the Swiss army knife of digitalized processes. It ingeniously combines agility and the power to support even the strictest regulative demands. Polarion is very easy to take into use, but it's so versatile that it encourages expanding to multiple and also surprising areas. That is why this is your chance of seeing how to apply Polarion – in the common process areas like requirements and test management, but also more exotic like responding fast to big and complex invitations to tender in project contracting business.

The superpowers you get to learn of are a seamless connection between the processes, information, and people as well as the patented live document that frees you from traditional Word and Excel file restrictions. Come and learn about product development and management from leading companies. They will share real-world lessons and insights collected by doing it a thousand times, so you don't have to.

Operating since 2011, Taipuva Consulting has elevated dozens of organizations. Taipuva is a Siemens Smart Expert Partner for Polarion. Their mission is to make R&D work faster and more productive, but in a way that is transparent and more fun for the professionals. Taipuva serves its clients mainly in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.


Featured Speakers and Companies

Jonas Westman

Journey to be data-driven 
Scania is on a journey, becoming more data-driven across disciplines. Jonas will share how to connect the data from various sources across a large enterprise with thousands of engineers, starting from RFQ to the implementation of a connected vehicle.

Jonas Westman, Information Architect, Scania


Johan Carlén

Development of a new product 
Becoming more requirements and test-driven when developing the first new product platform in more than 10 years!

Johan Carlén, Chief Architect, Envirotainer Engineering


Simo Ahtola

Requirements Management in Large Investment Projects – Sales and Execution Phases 
Invitations to tender can be challenging to respond to. There are thousands of pages of documents, consisting of requirements for different disciplines. Simo walks us through how they slice the response time into a fraction of what it used to be. Also, a glimpse is shown, how to facilitate requirement fulfillment in the execution phase. Simo offers some reflections on how to help busy experts in introducing changes in their ways of working.

Simo Ahtola, Contract Manager, Project Management, Wärtsilä


Pauli Innamaa

Operationalizing Design Controls in Medical Device Design and Development 
In medical device development, companies need to fulfill requirements of specific process standards; for example, IEC 62304 for software lifecycle processes and ISO 14971 for the application of risk management. Standards play an essential role by stating requirements for the medical device itself, too. (e.g., IEC 60601-1 - Medical electrical equipment - Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance).

Pauli presents how Innokas Medical has been able to increase their productivity with the aid of the Polarion platform. Their solution consists of an institutionalized design and development process, which facilitates agile co-creation together with their customers, as well as the efficient reuse of validation procedures derived from standards.

Pauli Innamaa, Head of Concepts and Methods, Innokas Medical


Flemming Stryhn Jørgensen

Benefits of Digitalizing Product Development Process in a Starting Medical Device Company  
The burden of documentation and traceability can be extensive even though a developed product is new and moderate of scope. This presentation goes to the reasons why UNEEG Medical wanted an improvement compared to its first way of working limited by the capabilities of Word, Excel, and a document management system. What was their journey of process development consisting of a tool platform, a partner Taipuva to help them, training, and rolling it all out? What are the concrete benefits now seen in everyday work? There are also some lessons learned.

Flemming Stryhn Jørgensen, System Architect, UNEEG Medical


Radek Krotil

Vision and Roadmap to Enable Businesses Manage Complex Functionality-Driven Product Development
Most of today's product differentiation is done with electronics and software. Products are evolving to be networks in IoT, ecosystems, and systems of systems. Functions are in the center, to produce value for the users of these products. Safety and information security aspects need to be appropriately managed. What is the Siemens's vision to help achieve this complexity and the need for collaboration? Radek connects Siemens's Polarion platform into the vision and offers a concrete roadmap for Polarion's future development.

Radek Krotil, Technical Product Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software


Viktor Åhlen

Putting your data in the hands of the users with Polarion mobile apps
Having structured and carefully planned testing is of great importance. It makes sure that your products and solutions keep the quality and standard that you require. But how well equipped are your employees when they are performing their work. Are you considering taking digitalization out from the “office” to the field? How does the data in the field get transferred into your Polarion platform? Watch how Polarion functionality can be moved become mobile providing a new workflow and new possibilities for you.

Viktor Åhlen, Presales Solution Consultant Mendix, Siemens Digital Industries Software


More speakers and details to be announced.

Event details

Date & Time:  February 12 - 13, 2020, from 09:00 AM till 18:00 PM

General: Full day event with no admission fee, including complimentary breakfast, lunch, and coffee. There is after-event networking mingle with some drinks and snacks.

Location:  Convendum, Regeringsgatan 30, Stockholm, Sweden

For hotel rooms Suggestions for hotels nearby, all within 10-minute walking distance: Scandic Haymarket, Scandic Downtown Camper, Best Western and Hotel.

Polarion Introduction Training

Date & Time: February 13, 2020, from 08:30 AM till 15:30 PM

Pre-requisites: None – Free of charge

Target Audience: Stakeholders (R&D Managers, Sponsors, Requirements / Test managers) or users

Are you considering starting to use Polarion or maybe just started to use Polarion in your organization? Take this opportunity, free of charge, to get an instructed training in Polarion, and it´s capabilities so you easier can understand how you can leverage the strength of Polarion in your business or projects.

  • Introduction to Polarion to understand what you can expect from a modern ALM solution 
  • Experience the intuitive user interface and how to navigate the system quickly 
  • Get your hands on the basic features and capabilities, such as: 
  • Document management
  • Work items
  • Reuse / Branching 
  • Test Management / Defect Management
  • How to ensure end-to-end traceability 
  • Understand how you can collaborate in teams with Wikis and reports 
  • Get feedback by sharing and discussing ideas of implementation with your class peers and the instructor

Polarion Super User Training     325 €/person
*Invoicing details will be provided in a separate email after registration of the Super User Training.

Date & Time: February 13, 2020, from 08:30 AM till 15:30 PM

A superuser in Polarion terms takes the responsibility of configuring processes and advanced reports on the tool. Lots of process adjustments can be achieved with out-of-the-box capabilities and reporting widgets, but sometimes scripts and extensions are useful. The purpose of this training is to:

  • Provide a solid understanding of Polarion configuration 
  • Enable regular users to take the first steps for becoming super users 
  • Go through the toolbox of advanced features: workflow and wiki page scripting, scheduled jobs, working with interfaces 
  • Show concrete examples – something for beginners and also more recent "cool" stuff for more experienced 
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer discussion, sharing ideas and tips among super users of different organizations

Taipuva Consulting