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Predicting performance and improving combustor design: how B&B-AGEMA uses simulation for digital testing

Запись вебинара | 53 минут

Learn how B&B-AGEMA uses CFD simulation in their combustor design process

Predict performance and improve combustor design using CFD

Combustor design relies on CFD simulation to give insight into flames, mixing, temperatures, and emissions. In this webinar, B&B-AGEMA presents results from their latest combustor simulations. Hear how they are using CFD to design combustors, optimize monitoring equipment, and gain understanding into hydrogen combustion.

Hear how B&B-AGEMA’s approach helps to ensure the best combustor designs before any physical testing is carried out.

Вы узнаете:

  • Details on the combustion and turbulence models used in Simcenter STAR-CCM+
  • Insights on how B&B-AGEMA uses simulation to ensure monitoring equipment robustness
  • How combining conjugate heat transfer, FE simulation and creep prediction gives a comprehensive insight into burner performance

Jens Dickhoff

Technical Manager, Combustor Design, B&B-AGEMA

Dr. Nils Beckmann

Project Engineer, B&B-AGEMA