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The role of design exploration for Oil & Gas engineering efficiency

Запись вебинара | 50 минут

Discover with Norton Straw and Siemens the role of design exploration for engineering simulation in meeting the oil & gas market challenges

Oil & Gas industry actors need to manage a lower-cost environment both in terms of equipment and systems design, as well as engineering activities and processes.

During this on-demand webinar, Dr. Matt Straw from Norton Straw company gives more insights on the simulation-led design strategy used by Norton Straw, and shares several real-world case studies on how simulation coupled with design space exploration can deliver better design, faster to market.

Following applications are covered:

  • Minimize cost and riser top tension
  • Offshore supply vessel fuel reduction
  • Drill bit flow optimization

Вы узнаете:

  • To deploy a simulation-led design strategy to explore engineering possibilities
  • To set-up an automated design space exploration study with the HEEDS software