How to accelerate and succeed with IIoT solution adoption

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Learn the benefits of implementing a pre-built industrial IoT (IIoT) solution.

MindSphere, a leading industrial IoT as a service solution
MindSphere, a leading industrial IoT as a service solution

Every business has unique, industry-specific needs. For this reason, manufacturers may choose to build their own IIoT solution – but this poses complications and business risks. Not only is it time-consuming to initially build, but the complexity grows with maintenance bug fixes and feature enhancements. Your resources are better spent on driving innovation in the most impactful areas of your business.

Join leadership from Microsoft Azure and Siemens MindSphere as they touch on the challenges of building your own IIoT solution, and then explore how a pre-built solution, namely MindSphere on Azure, enables you to overcome these challenges and get started as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Вы узнаете:

  • The best way to get started with an IIoT solution
  • How to drive innovation for competitive advantage
  • How other companies address the build vs. buy issue