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Product development data management, learn from Sartorius AG

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Leveraging information for modeling, data management and regulatory requirements

Document management in medical device

As complexity in medical device product development continues to increase, connecting and leveraging information remains key. Creating and managing a data model for development throughout the product lifecycle provides the level of transparency to keep up with complexity and control configuration. Learn how Sartorius embraces this complexity with document management during product development, which allows the integration into their business processes to share different views of data to stakeholders while effectively managing regulatory requirement challenges.

Вы узнаете:

  • V-Model as a foundation
  • Document management through product development with different data views and a mixed iterative approach
  • Management of regulatory requirements

Thomas Schink

Head of Embedded Computing, Sartorius Lab Instruments

Райян Бауэр (Ryan Bauer)

Ryan Bauer

Директор по отраслевым решениям, Siemens