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CFD as an Enabler for Fast Track Subsea Field Development

Запись вебинара | 36 минут

Featured Customer: OneSubsea Integration Solutions

Current market conditions demand new development strategies where fast-track execution and anticipation of first gas/oil are key to improving project viability.

OneSubsea Integration Solutions has been engaged with several clients at very early stages of project development in order to unlock project economics with its Pore-to-Process approach. Having a multi-disciplinary engineering team with the ability to perform advanced calculations and verifications very early in the concept definition phase allows for optimizations that would be difficult or impossible to implement at later stages of the project without significant cost and schedule impacts. For example, in a recent fast-track project, the OneSubsea team successfully challenged the conventional wisdom that a large-bore tree is always required for high gas flow rate systems. To this end, advanced 3D simulation models were used to benchmark traditional 1D calculations and provide the client with more confidence on using OneSubsea standard trees. This type of approach has had repercussions globally with many operators.  

This webinar will detail how 1D and 3D simulations tools were used to enhance project execution and shorten the design cycle of a subsea project.