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Autonomous Valet Parking: Using Simulation and Testing towards Safe and Robust system and algorithms development

Запись вебинара | 52 минут

Learn about system and algorithms development for autonomous valet parking systems

Developing a Safe and Robust autonomous valet parking solution

Autonomous Valet Parking systems on passenger cars will be among the first “driverless” vehicle applications in the market. This webinar explains how a robust and safe system can be developed using a virtual framework in which physical components are progressively integrated, with a continuous link to functional and safety requirements.

Вы узнаете:

  • Virtual and physical framework for algorithm development
  • Integrating functional and safety requirements in the development process
  • Trajectory planning and tracking strategy

François Gerard

Director Business Development Engineering Services, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Son Tong

Senior Researcher in ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles, Siemens Digital Industries Software