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Improving aircraft safety in cold weather: How to model ice protection effectively with CFD

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Guest speaker: Kevin Yugulis, Battelle Memorial Institute

Aircraft performance de-icing

Get insight into new ice protection technologies for existing aircraft & learn how to accurately simulate airflow around aircraft in an icing environment.

Cold weather flight conditions and ice accretion on aircraft can cause major problems including loss of lift and incorrect measurements of flight speed.  Recent additions to FAA part 25 and part 23 certification requirements have increased the use of simulation to reduce certification costs.

This webinar discusses the value of simulation for icing certification and explains how to model ice protection system effectively with CFD. 

Kevin Yugulis from Battelle Memorial Institute will discuss his work on Battelle’s HeatCoat technology, which allows the retrofittable in-flight Ice Protection System (IPS). This system is designed to allow aircraft to fly in icing conditions that may otherwise require them to be grounded. The implementation of this system onto an airframe requires knowledge of ice accretion and heat transfer throughout the structure of aircraft. Therefore, accurate simulations of airflow around the aircraft in an icing environment are critical.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • the value of simulation for icing certification for Part 25 and Part 23 aircraft
  • how to model ice protection system effectively with CFD
  • new technologies for ice protection for existing airframes

This webinar is conducted in English.