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How to Use a Digital Twin for Faster and Smarter Design

Today’s machine engineering market is very challenging, but it also offers huge opportunities. Digitalization and increasing software integration put within reach previously unthinkable levels of machine productivity, flexibility and performance. New communication tools and channels are opening entirely new ways of global collaboration. But global collaboration also means increasing global competition which, together with increasing customer, regulator and environmental requirements can be a threat for machine engineering companies.


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The Advantages of Collaborative, Multi-Disciplinary Design

In such an environment of constant and accelerating change, collaborative automation and multi-disciplinary system design optimization can help you keep up with or even overtake the industry leaders. If that is what you want, it is crucial to be informed about the major trends and developments. For that purpose, we have created this one-page infographic that gives you a very quick overview of the most significant tendencies that will drive the change in machine engineering.

At a glance, you will see the most important trends, challenges and opportunities of the future machine engineering market, and what to do to avoid the risk of being left behind and even turn them into a competitive advantage. Download the infographic to learn more.

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