Multiple scenarios simulation for automated driving validation

Webinar on demand | 44 minutos

Knowing if your ADAS and autonomous driving systems are tested robustly

Validation and verification framework
Validation and verification framework for ADAS and autonomous vehicles, coupling data management, test automation and results post-processing capabilities into a seamless workflow

No longer can a car be certified for a limited set of use cases, while counting on the driver to take over in case of unusual situations. With automation levels going up, the number of test cases increase drastically.

To build up a validation and verification framework that enables massive simulation of traffic scenarios to confirm the full vehicle performance, two key elements need to addressed: a test automation toolchain, and an accurate virtual representation of the vehicle, the sensors, and the environment.

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  • A seamless workflow combining several products (Simcenter Prescan, HEEDS and Amesim)
  • Scenarios and the multiple simulations that can be created and executed automatically
  • Highly detailed and accurate scenario creation


Enguerrand Prioux

Product Line Manager, Siemens PLM Software