Turbulence modeling and its implications within the marine industry

Webinar on demand

Learn how to apply best practices for turbulence modeling for marine simulations.

Turbulence modeling is an essential element of any computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation of practical industrial problems. However, the selection of the most appropriate model is not a trivial task.

In this on-demand webinar, we look at:

  • a number of fundamental aspects of turbulence modeling and how they affect the solution.
  • the distinction between statistical (essentially RANS models) and scale-resolving simulations (LES, DES). 
  • the most important aspects of the wall-treatment - with and without roughness - and the main elements of the transition models.

The influence of the turbulence models will be illustrated on several examples, using canonical cases (channel flow, boundary layers), and on cases directly related to the marine industry.