Trends and Challenges in the Electronics Industry

Webinar on demand | 29 minutos

The smart factory for electronics manufacturing - Webinar series on industry 4.0 best practices.

Through shorter innovation and development times, cross-supply chain collaboration, and an intelligent and integrated manufacturing environment, our industry solutions for electronics and semiconductor companies offer many options, such as cross-disciplinary use of data. This can increase quality and profitability while reducing time-to-market and costs.

This is the first of three episodes, join us each session, we will deep dive on manufacturing planning and execution.

Learn how:

  • To keep your production lines in operation as the quantities decrease and the number of changes increases.
  • Product handling is maximized by JIT material management.
  • Production data is converted into valuable information.

This is the first part of a three-part webinar series.

Andy Farrington

Portfolio Development Director, Siemens Digital Industries Software