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Towards a Virtual Nuclear Reactor

Webinar on demand | 47 minutos

Simulate the performance of your reactor and all of the associated complex systems

Simcenter allows you to build and deploy comprehensive virtual models that simulate every aspect of reactor performance

Simulation has always played an important part in optimizing the performance of and demonstrating the safety of nuclear power plants. Now more than ever the consistent adoption of cutting-edge simulation tools is critical to its future. Find out how CFD simulation is being used to accurately predict and improve the performance of nuclear reactors and all the complex sub-systems:

  • Learn how simulation is being used to demonstrate and improve innovative new technologies used in next generation reactors
  • Discover how extensive simulation can reduce down-time and improve the economic performance of the existing reactor fleet
  • Explore how simulation is being used to radically reduce the licensing timescales for new reactor concepts

Emilio Baglietto

Associate Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT