System Simulation for Aerospace and Defense Applications

Webinar on demand | 58 minutos

Overview of system simulation for A&D applications, thermal, electrical, fuel, ECS and flight control.

This 60-minute Webinar, hosted by SAE, examines how Simcenter Amesim™ software, a part of our Simcenter portfolio for predictive engineering analytics, is used throughout the aerospace and defense industries because of its rich, deep libraries and robust, easy-to-use simulation platform. The Simcenter Amesim™ platform is presented in detail with specific emphasis on aerospace and defense applications. Its well-integrated set of libraries is shown, and specific examples in thermal, hydraulic, fuel system, electrical system, flight control, and propulsion are demonstrated. An example of a complete aircraft system, integrating each aircraft engineering discipline, is given. The examples focus on parametric studies, optimization, and design trade studies, which drive decision-making early in the design process.

The Webinar is a mix of technical presentation, live software demonstration, and audience Q&A.


  -  Michael Herbstreit, Associate Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company
  -  Patrick O’Heron, Simcenter Portfolio Manager, Siemens PLM

Key Take-Aways

  -  Analyze aircraft fuel system management over the complete mission
  -  Perform architecture trade-offs for the electric propulsion
  -  Study performance of the complete ECS system
  -  Assess hydraulic power budget for rejected take-off