Addressing Space System Performance Engineering

Webinar on demand | 53 minutos

Explore how new digital twin technology supports the space industry in reaching all performance engineering targets

Addressing Space System Performance Engineering
Addressing Space System Performance Engineering

Space system engineering assures that mission risks and costs are low. The operational harsh environment and its effect on the space systems require a good understanding of how space systems structures, propulsion systems, mechanisms, and software will behave and operate in orbit.

At the same moment, space companies live in a more competitive business environment, and the need to develop and qualify the space system on time and budget is of capital importance.

Digital twin technologies evolve quickly and allow you to master the complexity of space systems, while simulation helps to design, develop, and virtually test the systems. Complexity however, also dictates that physical testing provides insight on whether the assumptions in the digital twin models are right, hence verification of simulation models is crucial.

We’ll address critical topics like:

  • How to reduce risk and be time and cost-effective while reaching performance targets
  • How to implement a digital twin to innovate and create engineering insight in the physical behavior
  • How to perform extensive qualification testing campaigns in close connection with simulation

Thierry Olbrechts

Director of Aerospace and Defense Industries Simcenter Solutions, Siemens Digital Industries Software