Efficient Development Processes for Composites in Space Applications

Webinar on demand | 60 minutos

Register today to learn how the use of composite materials in the space industry creates unique challenges for both engineering and manufacturing.

We are living through an era of dynamic developments in the space industry. These developments include important advances in the use of composite material technologies. Industry experts recognize that the use of carbon fiber, and other composite materials, is growing significantly in spacecraft, satellite, launch vehicle, and virtually all other spaceflight related applications. This trend is being driven by a requirement to decrease weight, increase payload, and reduce fuel requirements. 

In this webinar, John O’Connor will discuss how the use of composite materials creates unique challenges for both engineering and manufacturing, and provide an overview of the specialized technologies that address these challenges. 

Join us to learn how Siemens Digital Industries Software is being used to help companies meet the growing need for composite design and manufacturing solutions in space applications. 

John O'Connor
Director of Product & Market Strategy
Siemens Digital Industries Software