Master fuel cell design using a holistic simulation approach

Webinar on demand | 52 minutos

Simcenter solution to predict fuel cell and its components' performances

Simcenter solution for fuel cell design
Simcenter solution for fuel cell design

Within the transportation sector, hydrogen fuel cells are one of the most promising solutions for decarbonization and to reduce negative impact on the environment. In this sector, one pressing challenge is to leverage technology to improve fuel cell reliability and efficiency while keeping development costs at a reasonable level.

The adoption of simulation in the design cycle allows engineers to virtually test several innovative solutions at different operating conditions all along their development journey. The best technical configurations are then selected, leading to a reduced number of manufactured prototypes, thus reducing the costs and duration of R&D projects.

In this webinar, you will learn how Simcenter software solutions allow to quickly model a fuel cell and its system to predict its performance, interactions between the different subsystems as well as the impact of geometries.

Você aprenderá:

  • System simulation approach to pre-dimension the system
  • Embedded electrochemistry and multiphase models for detailed design
  • Accurate surrogate model for control validation and optimization