Simulation driven design: Is it right for your size company?

Webinar on demand | 52 minutos

On-demand webinar: Simulation driven design

Simulation driven product design
Simulation driven product design

Designing the next generation of smart, connected products is no easy task. Company owners are asking engineers at small to mid-sized companies to work against ever-shortening schedules. Requirements are more stringent and sometimes conflicting. Budgets are tight, with little to no flexibility. There are many technology-led initiatives to help engineers succeed, and none are more achievable than simulation driven product design.

You will learn:

  • What is a simulation driven design?
  • How do small and mid-size engineering organizations adopt simulation driven design?
  • What role do analysts play in this new approach?

Join Chad Jackson, Chief Analyst from Lifecycle Insights, and Patrick Farrell, Senior Marketing Manager, from Siemens Digital Industries Software for answers to these questions.