Simulating heavy equipment durability

Webinar on demand | 41 minutos

Use streamlined 3D simulation process to predict fatigue life based on realistic operational loads.

Durability analysis simulation  heavy equipment

Heavy equipment and machinery operate over rough conditions that all structural components have to sustain. To meet these requirements, manufacturers face the challenge of engineering high-performing equipment without compromising fatigue-life. Durability analysis based on simulation helps to identify weak spots within the structural engineering so the design can be optimized. In order to be effective, analyses must be performed against realistic operational loads.

During this webinar, we present the simulation process to engineer structural components for Heavy Equipment machinery. We will demonstrate a workflow starting with pre-processing via multi-body Simulation for realistic loads up to advanced durability studies, all integrated into one engineering platform.

Você aprenderá:

  • How 3D simulation helps engineers designing heavy equipment
  • Multi Body Simulations for obtaining realistic operational loads on the machine
  • Durability Assessment for reliable fatigue life predictions of components