Optimize Production Efficiency using Oil and Gas Simulation Software

Webinar on demand | 50 minutos

As the oil and gas industry experiences fluctuating prices, operators are seeking to optimize production efficiency. Put simply, international oil companies are seeking to produce more, for less. Increasingly, those operators making the largest gains in production efficiency are using a combination of oil and gas simulation software and optimization.

Drill bit flow simulation within Simcenter STAR-CCM+

Discover how oil and gas production efficiency can be improved through optimization and simulation software:

Discover with Norton Straw and Siemens the role of oil and gas simulation software in meeting the market challenges

  • Improve the performance of existing production equipment and processes using simulation led design exploration and optimization.
  • Optimize the performance of new production equipment and processes by simulating performance from the early in the design process.
  • Adopt a simulation-led design strategy to explore engineering possibilities.
  • Perform automated design space exploration study with the HEEDS software.

The webinar covers the following applications for optimization through simulation:

  • Minimize cost and riser top tension
  • Offshore supply vessel fuel reduction
  • Drill bit flow optimization

Meet our experts to discuss oil and gas production optimization

Dr. Matt Straw – Managing Director at Norton Straw Consultants. Dr Straw is a graduate from Nottingham University, he gained his Masters and PhD in the development of CFD techniques for wind engineering. He’s been involved in simulation and optimization for 20 years and has spent 16 in working in upstream oil and gas industries. In 2011 he founded Norton Straw Consultants to help oil and gas industries to use production optimization techniques.
Alex Graham – a technical specialist in oil and gas industries at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Alex has a Masters in Engineering Science and began using Simcenter STAR-CCM + at the Lotus Renaut GP at 2008 where he worked as a CFD aerodynamics analysist. After that, he joined CD-adapco as an application engineer and now focuses in the oil and gas industry.

Benefits of using oil and gas simulation software for design exploration:

  • Help to move to simulation-led design and integrate simulation with design
  • Explore design options and find solutions more quickly
  • Reduce engineering time and cost
  • Help the industry transform in the “lower for longer” environment and optimize oil production efficiency
  • Enable engineers to spend more time being engineers and less time in simulation process

Success story on how FMC Technology reinvented the design process to reduce cost and increase oil production efficiency

Moving from the design of experiments approach to using oil and gas simulation software – Heed, FCM Technology reached the following results:

  • Evaluated over 150 designs
  • Identified 3 groups of designs
  • Optimized heat transfer performance by 20 percent
  • Reduced manufacturing and material cost

Watch the webinar to learn how digital twins helps oil and gas companies to predict and perfect the performance of their subsea designs, throughout the lifetime of the asset.