Design for ride comfort – from concept to validation

Webinar on demand

Optimize ride comfort by getting the concept right at early stage and consider all subsystems throughout the development up to final validation

Passenger ride comfort isn’t just about a harsh or plush ride. It is about getting the concept right from the beginning. But how do you design for ride comfort upfront in the development cycle? And how do you secure the best result throughout the development, while optimizing both NVH and handling?

During this webinar, we will explain how to get the concept right using model-based development (MBD), when no detailed model is available. We will describe how to consider all subsystems and identify correct parameters for ride comfort throughout the entire development cycle.

Ride comfort at every step of development:

  • Model-based development for concept development: target setting and cascading, using system simulation for component development
  • Multibody dynamics for detailed development: considering the global and local flexibility of subframes and/or the body, as well as for evaluating and optimizing cross-attributes such as NVH and handling
  • Testing in prototype phase: validating the performance, identifying potential improvements and providing benchmarking information and modelling parameters, Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing for control and component development

This integrated solution combines application know-how with simulation and test and enables manufacturers to reduce cost and increase efficiency when considering new markets, road profiles, or EV and AV applications. This webinar is intended for NVH, vehicle handling, vehicle development and 3D CAE user communities.