Improve process flow by optimizing ergonomics in electronics assembly

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The optimization of work-cell ergonomics is a key aspect of a successful smart manufacturing strategy. But what does this mean?

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Build out a lean manufacturing work cell with simulation of workplace ergonomics

With the help of smart manufacturing technology, manufacturing companies are mastering a high degree of variance, continuously shrinking batch sizes and order volume fluctuations that are increasingly difficult to predict.

This integrated digital platform covers all aspects of electronics manufacturing and makes the whole process more efficient. One of the key aspects is to improve work-cell ergonomics or system assembly cells in order to obtain optimized results, as far as throughput, safety and cost are concerned.

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Understanding and implementing simulation technology is key to revolutionize your manufacturing planning and work-cell ergonomics. Simulate human movement and spatial risk along with collaborative robots (cobots) and other automated processes. Simulate real-world conditions to give you the real picture of your optimized manufacturing plan in action.

Learning how to use these smart tools is vital to enhance your manufacturing processes; the benefits are significant.

Siemens ergonomics Simulation Software enables the optimization of your work cell

Adapting your manufacturing processes, mastering these smart techniques produces clear and significant results. This approach can boost your time-to-market (TTM) and provides significant savings in new product introduction (NPI).

Optimization and better planning mean greater results and lower costs. This is how smart manufacturing software solutions can enhance you manufacturing performance and throughput: companies can save up to 80% in engineering time, and dramatically increase the number of shipped units.