Validating heavy equipment transmission design using multibody simulation in real-time

Webinar on demand | 42 minutos

Use 3D simulation models coupled to a physical powertrain to create realistic operational conditions for transmission testing.

Real-time multi-body simulation heavy equipment transmission analysis
Real-time multi-body simulation heavy equipment transmission analysis

Guest Speaker: Nohoon Ki – Engineering Manager at John Deere 

Heavy equipment driving conditions require a balance that provides durability, driver comfort and the desired interaction with the soil. Manufacturers face the challenges of integrating variants of powertrain and tractor combinations with ever-shortening development cycles to meet these requirements. Bringing the development into the lab allows year-round testing with simulation and physical test-cells to help to calibrate and optimized the design. 

During this webinar, we will present the hardware-in-loop process to apply accurate loads to components for Heavy Equipment machinery. We will demonstrate the reuse of existing engineering models in creating the conditions in the real-time powertrain dyno environment. Starting with multibody simulation and exporting to real-time integrating environments, this process shows how real test signals compares to the simulated test-cell environment.

You will learn how: 

  • 3D simulation helps engineers designing heavy equipment 
  • Multibody simulations can help design transmissions with realistic operational conditions 
  • Real-time 3D modeling can be applied to test-rig applications today