Rapid Release with Enterprise Agile

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Top reasons Polarion is a unique Enterprise Agile solution for your organization and how it can help you scale, streamline, and plan the business value of your development resources.

Scaling Agile for an organization with hundreds of developers or teams of developers may not seem realistic in a rapid changing world. How do you plan initiatives for your software product portfolio in such a seemingly chaotic environment?

These are some of the many reasons you should embrace Agile in your organization. Agile focuses on bringing to market the biggest business value in the shortest time possible.

What makes Polarion for Enterprise Agile a unique solution for you?

  • Full Traceability from Request to Implementation: review the impact of planned or implemented change in single click.
  • Baselining & Versioning: Agile means change. In Polarion you can quickly see who changed what, when, and why!
  • Fast Start: Import your existing data from Microsoft® Word or Excel® to create your Product Backlog online, in minutes.
  • Flexible Live Reporting with out-of-the-box sprint and release burn-down charts, kanban boards, total cost/estimate aggregation, velocity calculation, plus an entire portal of other reports and extensions. Everything can be tailored to your data model.
  • Collaboration for Distributed Agile Teams: No out-of-sync emails, all artifacts in one place and always up to date, social media-like project activity streams keep everyone informed.
  • Collaboration in Hybrid Process Scenarios use Polarion's exclusive Round-trip features to share and re-import data with external contributors and Scrum teams.
  • Cross-Project Reporting and Dashboards: view the actual status of all your running projects, search for issues or enhancements across multiple projects. Anything you can find out for 1 project you can find across several.
  • Subversion & Git: Integrates with Subversion and Git out of the box. Link changes from within IDEs like Eclipse for ultimate convenience creating traceability. (Do you know that Polarion is an Eclipse Foundation Member, and we manage the Subversive project?)


Jiri Walek

Head of Product Management Polarion ALM, Siemens PLM Software