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Strategies for optimizing product innovation by managing and optimizing product variations

Webinar on demand | 43 minutos

Learn how you can drive innovation and maximize reuse of product variations by bridging the gap between engineering and manufacturing.

If you're in the business of product development, it's likely you're challenged to manage product variability, especially as products become more complex with mechanical, electronic, and software components. For many companies, the product variations increase when you deliver one or more custom products:

  • Configure-to-order products with a defined set of supported variants 
  • More complex products with an exponential number of possible variations and combinations
  • Engineer-to-order products that require new variants of parts and designs with every order

Watch this webinar to learn how Siemens product lifecycle management (PLM) software supports the full spectrum of product variability, whether you develop a small set of standard products, offer a platform with a range of customer offerings, or fulfill orders engineered to each customer's unique set of requirements.

As opposed to ERP-centric product configurators, our PLM-driven solutions are connected in the same system as product designs and documents to give whole product visibility to downstream decision-makers, including manufacturing, suppliers, and customers. We offer Teamcenter bill-of-material (BOM) and configuration management to support product development and manufacturing in general, along with the more specialized Teamcenter Product Configurator for configure-to-order products and Rulestream for engineer-to-order products.

See our software in action and learn how we can help you drive innovation while maximizing re-use of your product components.