Improving power electronics thermal design and reliability using test and simulation

Webinar on demand | 50 minutos

How to apply thermal transient testing, electronics cooling simulation and accurate model calibration to improve thermal design

For compact design of reliable power electronics modules in applications such as vehicle electrification, rail, aerospace and power conversion - thermal management at component to module level must be evaluated carefully during development. This presentation introduces a method for combining use of multiple thermal measurements of IGBT power semiconductors within a power module, with calibration of detailed compact thermal models for use in improving the accuracy of module level electronics cooling simulation studies.

This approach presented uses Simcenter T3STER thermal transient test technology for heat flow path analysis of a power semiconductor package in conjunction with automatic detailed package model calibration and subsequent system level thermal simulation possible with Simcenter Flotherm or Simcenter FLOEFD software.

The presentation also briefly reviews thermal reliability test strategies using combined power cycling and failure diagnosis via thermal transient test methods (using Simcenter POWERTESTER).

Presenter: Andras Vass-Varnai

Você aprenderá:

  • How to use thermal transient testing for power semiconductor package thermal characterization incl. IGBTs
  • How to automatically calibrate a compact thermal model for use in system level thermal simulation
  • Additional: Power cycling testing and failure diagnosis for reliability assessment