Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) optimized with IoT performance monitoring

Webinar on demand | 21 minutos

How to improve OEE with an industrial IoT solution

Visual representation of machine monitoring and IoT performance monitoring

Are your machines and systems as transparent as mud?

Do you know how your assets are operating, in real-time: when are they producing too much scrap, not enough output, or better yet, when are they about to break down?

You need transparency, you need to track KPIs, and you need to create benchmarks. Then, you need to ACT.

Improving your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with machine monitoring is achievable. Register to watch this webinar and learn how the MindSphere Performance Monitoring and Collaborative Improvement industrial IoT solution provides the means to identify, understand and solve issues quickly and efficiently.

Key features of this industrial IoT solution

Key functions of this industrial IoT solution include:

  • Monitor performance data with flexible dashboards
  • Receive alarms and threshold violations anywhere on any device
  • Perform analytics to gain deeper insights into machine status
  • Assign tasks to solve issues with performance
  • Share how you solved the issue with others

Machine monitoring systems improve your OEE

Key benefits of IoT performance monitoring include:

  • Timely reaction to performance issues with immediate notifications – to improve OEE
  • Centralized access to all relevant production data for deeper insight into machine performance history
  • Sustainable elimination of root causes for performance deficiencies
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing/knowledgebase across lines and factories

Discover how to make better decisions based on actual data with this on-demand webinar covering the importance of performance monitoring and collaborative improvement.