How multi-axis machining is transforming part manufacturing

Webinar on demand | 47 minutos

Unlock the potential of multi-axis machining with Siemens’ NX software

How to Unlock Your Potential with Multi-Axis Machining
How to Unlock Your Potential with Multi-Axis Machining

Long considered to be the specialty of high-end aerospace components manufacturers, multi-axis machining is now transforming part production across industries. Find out how NX CAM software can help your machine shop stay competitive using highly efficient multi-axis machining.

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn about new, automated 5-axis machining strategies for accelerated manufacturing.
  • Watch real examples of aerospace parts machining by an expert from Sandvik Coromant.
  • Get insights into emerging technologies, such as robotics and additive manufacturing.

Discover the advantages of Siemens' NX software, a comprehensive solution for CAD, CAM, CMM, robotics, and additive manufacturing.

Michael Taesch

NX CAM Software Development, Advanced Parts Manufacturing, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Tom Funke

CAM Application Engineer, Aerospace Application Center, Sandvik Coromant