How to model thermal vias in your PCB design

Webinar on demand

Learn how to model thermal vias with appropriate accuracy and speed to aid your competitive printed circuit board thermal design process

In electronics product design, printed circuit board (PCB) thermal management to ensure adequate component cooling is important for reliability. Demands for compact designs and reduced costs drives a need for accurate and early evaluation of cooling options during design ideation phase.

This web seminar addresses how widely used vias, metalized holes in a PCB, assist PCB thermal management to enhance heat dissipation away from critical components. Learn how to model thermal vias accurately and quickly to suit different design phases using electronics cooling simulation software Simcenter Flotherm XT. A presented simulation study will address options, benefits and limitations of thermal vias on a PCB design in relation to other design factors.

Attend this webinar and learn:  

  • How thermal vias can assist in heat dissipation on a PCB 
  • How to model thermal vias during development– Simple to Explicit Detailed Approaches 
  • Methods applied to an example model of a component mounted on a PCB with thermal vias

Paul Blais: Mentor, A Siemens Business
John Wilson: Mentor, A Siemens Business