Next Generation Mechatronic Engineering Design

Webinar on demand | 31 minutos

Powerful, Next Generation Software for the Mechatronic engineer’s design process.

Engineer on PC using Siemens NX digital twin technology in electromechanical design
Siemens Next Generation Design solutions for ECAD and MCAD Integration

This webinar outlines the trends of mechatronic engineering design and how these can affect your design process. Electronic products have become more complex as they are smarter, smaller while relying on connected systems. In order to use this complexity as a competitive advantage, electronics product design and manufacturing processes need to become more efficient in the mechatronic design and engineering industry. Our experts demonstrate how Siemens’ next generation design approach provides a prime mechatronics design experience to integrate mechanical and electronic environments to drive products and innovation to market faster.

In this Webinar about Mechatronic Design, you will learn how to:

  • Integrate mechatronic design processes to enhance current workflows
  • Integrate simulation within NX to prove your designs before you produce them
  • Use complexity in the mechatronic design process as a competitive advantage
  • Drive the digital transformation of your business
  • Assess the cost of a mechatronic design process

The Future of Mechatronic Engineering with a Digital Twin

With a digital twin, the simulation world becomes a blueprint for the physical world. Powerful next-generation mechatronic technology provides new levels of innovation in engineering while eliminating risks and maximizing performance. Mechatronic engineers can virtually model and validate each step of product development in order to identify problems and possible failures. Simulation not only expedites the design process but also supports testing long before any physical prototypes are produced. This enables the advancement of product complexity since developers can test and compare more configurations than would be possible with physical models.

Key benefits: How Siemens’ Mechatronics CAD Design software helps you remove barriers to innovation

  • Increased efficiency and improved workflows provide more time to create innovative and disruptive products
  • Decreased time to market with best in class features and functionality in the market
  • Discover and eliminate errors early on in the mechatronic product design process by gaining a deeper understanding of products and their behavior
  • Improved team and downstream communication to increase collaboration and reduce costs
  • Enhanced workflows to increase CAD design accuracy to get products to market right the first time

Meet Our Experts, who discuss the Electromechanical Design Software Capabilities:

Nick Daumann: Senior Marketing Coordinator
Nick’s prior experience includes product marketing for cyber and electronic warfare products in the aerospace and defense industry and holding product leadership responsibilities in the telecom industry.

Dave Walker: Senior Technical Software Product Manager
Over 30 years of experience in a mechanical engineering environment across multiple industries, including consumer electronics, renewable energy, and network infrastructure. Dave holds experience in large corporations, SMB, and startup consultancy roles for high and low volume product.

This Mechatronic Technology design webinar will be useful for:

Electronic and mechanical product designers, mechatronic engineers, and suppliers, who address the increasing complexity and new technologies impacting electronic and mechanical collaborative product development.

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