Accelerate product development with PLM integrated MBSE software

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Start integrated, stay integrated

Aerospace organizations will spend half their program schedules on integration

MBSE software integrated with the product lifecycle accelerates product development by slashing your product integration timelines.

Today, many disciplines, organizations, and suppliers are involved in aero development creating communication barriers that show up as late cycle integration problems. By integrating MBSE with PLM, we can stay continuously integrated and eliminate late cycle integration problem--what we call start integrated, stay integrated.

Integrated MBSE software features

  • We’ve integrated MBSE with PLM—architecture, requirements, models, parameters, test/V&V, program planning, and more
  • SE artifacts of all types use standard PLM services (configuration, change, variation, workflow, …)
  • Integrated ISO 24642 standard development methodology to keep everyone on the same page
  • Extended into the supply chain creating a Model-Based Design Chain (MBDC) for closed-loop supplier interaction that keeps everyone continuously integrated.


Mark Sampson

Product Evangelist , Siemens Digital Industries Software

Mark Sampson is the product evangelist for integrating systems engineering and requirements within the Siemens Digital Industries Software product-lifecycle management (PLM) business. After graduating with a BS in Computer Engineering from BYU and a MS in Systems Engineering from USC, Mark started his career at Texas Instruments, eventually ending up at Siemens with a breadth of 30 years’ experience around applying Systems Engineering tools in a variety of industries and well-known brands—high tech, automotive, defense, aero, medical devices, consumer products, and others. Mark is INCOSE MBSE Initiative Chair and member of Technical Board overseeing scaling Systems Engineering (SE) efforts in data exchange and system modeling standards.