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Faster simulation, increased realism: Latest advances in marine CFD

Webinar on demand | 36 minutos

How to reduce your marine CFD simulation time from days to hours

Accurately capture complex hydrodynamic interactions, while reducing simulation time

CFD, especially hydrodynamic simulation, is key to meeting vessel design targets and predicting realistic performance in complex operating scenarios. However, simulation times can be long, due to the size of models and complexity of physics required.

Huge gains in productivity are now possible through new developments in engineering simulation. Reduced set-up times, faster meshing methods and automated design sweeps can all be applied to your CFD process, reducing simulation times from days to hours. Combining these techniques with advanced multiphysics and motion models means you can rapidly analyze complex scenarios and explore alternative designs. We will show both best practices and examples so that you can apply these techniques to your own work immediately.

Você aprenderá:

  • How using templates can reduce setup time from hours to minutes
  • New automatic mesh template refinement methods which reduce mesh size and capture features of interest
  • How analyzing complex multi-physics cases can now be done in hours rather than days