Mini Course: Learn how you can start to simulate mechatronic systems

Webinar on demand

Speed-up overall design release time and improve your Time to Market

Learn how you can start to simulate mechatronic systems

Over the past decade, simulation has matured from being just a performance validation tool to becoming an organic part of the development process throughout concept and design. Simulation is helping designers to create better, more robust designs earlier in the development process thus saving costs for redesign and committed manufacturing costs later in the product life cycle. Simultaneously, simulation speeds up the overall time it takes to release a design, which results in a faster time to market. But how do you start to simulate?

What you will learn during this course:

In this mini course, we will take you on a journey to start from a design of a product and take the first steps to set up a motion simulation to better understand the product’s performance. Along the journey we will teach you what simulation with the multi-body method is and guide you through the steps to convert CAD geometry and assembly constraints into an accurate motion model, apply loads and boundary conditions, solve and post-process to retrieve reaction forces, torques, velocities, accelerations and more for mechanical systems. Finally, we will demonstrate how the simulation can be used to do “what-if” studies.

  • Video 1: Introduction - 11:50 min
  • Video 2: 2. Simcenter 3D Motion for mechanisms simulation - 09:59 min
  • Video 3: 2.I Convert CAD assembly to Motion model - 08:04 min
  • Video 4: 2.II Evolve Motion model to desired operational scenario - 16:04 min
  • Video 5: 2.III Sub-mechanisms - 21:56 min
  • Video 6: 2.IV CAD variants integration - 09:16 min
  • Video 7: 2.V Components’ flexibility – is it important? - 18:42 min
  • Video 8: 2.VI Understanding system’s mechatronic performance - 16:12 min
  • Video 9: 3. Summary - 01:41 min


Martin Tijssens

Portfolio Developer CAD/CAE, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Iurie Terna

Senior Application Engineer, Siemens Digital Industries Software