Learn how system simulation impacts hybrid electric propulsion performance

Webinar on demand | 56 minutos

Aircraft hybrid electric propulsion performance assessment

Aircraft hybrid electric propulsion performance assessment

When looking into aircraft hybrid electric propulsion development, a combination of disciplines and expertise is needed to achieve the required performance.

Based on the model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach, designers can assess hybrid electric configurations, with respect to engine operability, thermal management and overall integrated performance.

In this webinar, we discuss how to:

  • Create the architecture of a system simulation model is then created, combining all systems relevant to performance analysis: battery, electric motor, gas turbine, propeller and aircraft model
  • Compare different levels of hybridization for a reference mission
  • Deploy the simulation models through a large organization

In this webinar, we highlight two cases. The first one is related to the hybridization of an existing regional aircraft, the ATR 42-500. The second one will feature the mission analysis of complete rotorcraft operations.


Sylvain Pluchart

Business Development Manager, Simcenter System Simulation solutions for Aerospace, Siemens Digital Industries Software