Innovate swiftly and architect resilient cooling with HVAC CFD Software

Webinar on demand | 48 minutos

Learn to optimize airflows with fast, easy-to-use and industry-proven HVAC CFD software that embeds directly in your native CAD environment

HVAC CFD Software embedded in NX-CAD environment
HVAC CFD Software embedded in NX-CAD environment

With nearly half of energy consumption going into the heating and cooling of spaces, the HVAC manufacturers (system or component) face a complex challenge to deliver energy-efficient products while reducing development cost and still reliable fulfill changing requirements. From achieving 80% thermal efficiency to cutting product design time by one-third, CAD embedded HVAC CFD software is disrupting the heating and cooling industry.

Simcenter FLOEFD, enables engineers to simulate HVAC equipment and systems performance — from concept design to final validation even before committing to expensive capital investments or prototypes. Whether you are innovating to increase the flow rate and/or optimize energy efficiency or exploring a reliable solution to problems caused by unexpected changes in the operating conditions, HVAC CFD software can provide valuable foresight and guide designer in making the right choice.

In this educational webinar through a CAD embedded HVAC CFD software, we demonstrate to designers and engineers:

  • How to apply modern simulation process directly in their CAD software.
  • Valuable design and engineering insights obtained by using HVAC CFD software.
  • How to optimize the HVAC system and components (valves, dampers, heat exchangers, etc) for performance, thermal comfort and energy savings.