Willing to reach the testing phase with an advanced prototype to save time and money?

Webinar on demand | 45 minutos

Verify and validate your system design and electronic control unit in an early step with system simulation

More and more heavy equipment systems are being controlled to be more efficient and meet environmental regulations.  Software code size deployed to implement control logics has increased dramatically over the past decade. This implies an increasing number of parameter combinations. Management of conflicting calibration requirements and attributes through physical validation and testing is not sustainable anymore in terms of development cost and time. A new approach is essential, and model-based design including virtual verification and validation becomes a critical success factor.

In this webinar, Romain Nicolas shows how Simcenter Amesim makes it easy to verify and validate heavy equipment control systems design. Connecting control algorithms to your pre-validated Simcenter Amesim models allows to see how they interact, perform and meet requirements, and then gives the opportunity to pre-tune the calibration parameters. Such methods (Model-in-the-Loop, Software-in-the-Loop, Hardware-in-the-Loop and Virtual calibration) enable to reach the testing phase with an advanced and qualitative prototype.

Application case: Demonstration of a forklift control system verification using Simcenter Amesim