Moving forward hydraulic systems technology for heavy equipment

Webinar on demand | 53 minutos

How is system simulation a key methodology to fulfill hydraulic systems requirements like energy efficiency, controllability, stability, and complexity?

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Guest speaker: Andrea Vacca,  Professor at the Maha Fluid Power Research Center of Purdue University

Hydraulic systems must satisfy increasing demands for high performance and efficiency of products without affecting durability nor reliability. More and more control systems are introduced, adding another level of complexity that impacts the development time and costs. System simulation becomes then key for researchers and engineers who need to face the challenges of designing energy efficient and controllable fluid power systems, particularly when exploring new concepts.

During the webinar, we present the best modelling approaches to support both suppliers and systems integrators in their engineering challenges, on one side hydraulic components (valves, pumps, and motors) and on another side hydraulic systems (actuation circuits, hydro-static transmissions).                    Learn with:

  • Andrea Vacca how the use of Simcenter helps with the development of novel hydraulic control systems for highly efficient fluid power applications through various examples. For example, learn how it is possible to achieve an omni-comprehensive simulation of hydrostatic machines allowing the prediction of detailed features such as internal balancing, volumetric and hydromechanical efficiency,
  • Francesca Furno how by using Simcenter we can analyse internal flows, as well as the interactions between inner parts and with other hydraulic components realizing the complete system, including its control strategies.


More about our speakers

Andrea Vacca: Professor at the Maha Fluid Power Research Center of Purdue University, with a joint appointment between the Purdue School of Mechanical Engineering and the Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. Dr. Vacca earned his Ph.D. from the University of Florence (Italy) in 2005, presenting a thesis in the field of Gas Turbine Blade Cooling Technology. Before joining Purdue University in 2010, Prof. Vacca was Assistant Professor of Fluid Machinery at the University of Parma (Italy).

Francesca Furno: Francesca received her MSc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering and PhD. Degree in Energetic Systems from the Politecnico di Torino – Italy. Her main competence domain is hydraulic components and systems simulation. Following few years of working experience in Italy, she joined the former LMS Imagine Division on 2007 as project engineer; currently she is working at Siemens Digital Industries Software as Business Developer focusing on Fluid Applications.