Streamline GVT and flutter certification and realize the first flight faster and safer

Webinar on demand | 53 minutos

Learn how a combined test & simulation approach can help accelerate the verification of structural dynamics performance and secure the aircraft flutter certification process.

Demonstrating that an aircraft is free from flutter in the entire flight envelope is a mandatory requirement for aircraft certification. This a major milestone in the aircraft program and should be well prepared to avoid any delays or even worse, experience a catastrophic event. 

A pre-requisite for any successful flutter testing campaign is having a good dynamic CAE model, validated via a full-scale modal test (GVT) of the aircraft. Such a ground vibration test is on the critical path towards first flight and simulation can give valuable insight on how to best instrument the structure and get the most information out of the campaign in the shortest possible time. Efficient correlation and updating tools then complete the model for accurate flutter simulations across all flight conditions to determine the flight & flutter schedule.

Watch this webinar and learn how a combined simulation and test approach can help you to accelerate the verification process linked to structural dynamics and flutter requirements.

Learn how to:

  • Efficiently prepare and execute a ground vibration test
  • Build accurate dynamic models for flutter predictions
  • Safely execute flutter tests