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First Time Right, Metal Additive Manufacturing

Webinar on demand | 32 minutos

Learn about the products and systems that help achieve that “first time right” print and how the right metal additive manufacturing tools can improve your first article printing quality.

Industrialize additive manufacturing with first time right prints

In this webinar, we look at one of the largest reasons companies fail when adopting metal additive manufacturing (AM)

When we talk with customers in the field, we see printing 5, 8, and more versions of a part before they get a part that will pass their quality control. This struggle to achieve quality prints happens across the industry and affects not only additive adoption, but also the return companies get on their investment from additive manufacturing.

The good news is that there are products and systems to help companies achieve that “first time right” 3d metal printing. This webinar discusses those tools and how they can improve your first article printing quality.

Key Learnings:

  • How 3d metal printing technology can help you achieve first time right prints
  • How first time right prints require design, simulation, and build preparation changes
  • How simulation aids part quality by improving printed part design and processes

First time right, metal additive manufacturing with Siemens 3d metal printing technology software is helpful for:

designers, engineers, analysts, and manufacturers, who have challenges with quality when utilizing 3D metal printing technology.

Meet our expert Ashley Eckhoff to explore 3d metal printing technology

Ashley has worked for Siemens for over 20 years in several capacities. He has spent the last few years deep-diving into additive manufacturing and is a co-author on several patents in this area.