Faster, easier and more efficient CAE data and process management

Webinar on demand | 58 minutos

A five-part webinar series on addressing the challenges faced by the Heavy Equipment and Off-Highway industry.

Faster Easier and More Efficient CAE
Faster Easier and More Efficient CAE

This session will cover how organizations can implement a CAE Automation process that enables them to be more efficient. By linking CAD, CAE and simulation data management in a single framework, organizations can save time and be more productive. By leveraging the Siemens platform of CAE solvers, organizations can extract even more efficiency.

Meet the presenter:

Mark Lamping

Business Development Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software

As a business development manager for Simcenter 3D, Mark is focused on better understanding customer needs with respect to CAE tools and how Simcenter 3D can provide solutions to those needs, as well as assist to further advance Simcenter 3D in the market and the capabilities of its features. Mark earned BS in aerospace engineering and MS in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Cincinnati.