Create custom engineering applications with minimal coding

Webinar on demand | 53 minutos

Learn how to program without being a programmer

Engineer-to-order process automation
Progressive cavity pumps engineered to function within a unique environment.

Engineer-to-Order process automation (ETO) has long been a goal of companies with products requiring the engineering team's involvement to fulfill an order. Although solutions exist for creating custom applications with little need for computer programming, many companies are not aware of this and end up allowing their teams and individuals to use whatever tools are available to automate what they can.  This approach is not optimal, maintainable, nor scalable.  A proper ETO automation solution must provide for the creation of custom programs by non-programmers in a way that allows for growth in the product and company capabilities.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Develop enterprise-level custom applications by non-programmers
  • Make it possible to maintain and grow these solutions
  • Respond to custom orders with the speed and accuracy of standard orders