Accelerate Airworthiness Certification with an Integrated End-to-End Structural Development Process

Webinar on demand | 50 minutos

Learn how an integrated, end-to-end structural development process helps streamline the aerostructures processes.

Integrated End-to-End Structural Development Process
Integrated End-to-End Structural Development Process

Aircraft manufacturers can suffer major delays on their programs due to non-recurring costs spent on structural development. Knowing that up to 60% of aircraft non-recurring costs can be spent on the structural development and achieving airworthiness certification, any improvement will have a significant impact.

This webinar discusses how Bye Aerospace (BA) is developing their all-electric eFlyer 2 using an integrated end-to-end structural development process, which helps achieve faster certification. More specifically, BA will show how a model-based primary structure use case is coupled with BA-developed innovative design techniques that enable shorter multidisciplinary design cycles. This speedup is possible through seamless exchange of design and analysis data.

Additionally, we will show how such an integrated end-to-end process can be extended to:

  • Margin of safety calculations with traceable certification reports
  • Flutter simulation tied to the CAD model
  • Material characterization, particularly for composite structures to virtually characterize the material behaviors and significantly reduce composite material development time

Daniel Hinson

Lead Composite Structures Engineer, Bye Aerospace