Accelerating autonomous vehicle software and controls development through a platform approach

Webinar on demand | 38 minutos

Deploy a common platform to enable information transparency throughout all stages of embedded software and controls development and V&V.

Today in automotive, we are truly looking at System of Systems Engineering. The autonomous driving, electrification, sharing mobility and other forces have disrupted innovations in automotive market with inclusion of technologies such as the cloud, artificial intelligence and the internet of things among others. 

As a result, companies today are taking more fluid and agile approach to product development. Rather than viewing the product development as individual silos, they start by understanding integrated needs, then figuring out how to serve them. They recognize that commonly used software tooling and process steps are often out of sync. As a result, there often is no transparency, consistency and uniform quality of data in the overall workflow.

A platform based software and controls development approach reduces friction and design iterations, improves productivity and tracks the validation objectives with degree of implementation from conception to deployment.

In this webinar, our expert in embedded software and controls development introduces how our simulation solutions help controls and software engineering departments to:

  • Master the V-Model and create a digital thread for traceability to reduce friction and design iterations and improve collaboration
  • Track the validation objective from conception to deployment for the whole simulation V&V value chain
  • Reduce development cost and product launch time significantly using a platform-based approach